Hello everyone, Bryan here!

These past three weeks have been nothing short of incredible. The amount of support and feedback I've received for You Are the Hero has been extremely humbling.To celebrate the amazing kids I've had the privilege to help realize as superheroes, I've put together this collage of sorts featuring our first ten heroes!

Thanks to your help in getting the word out, You Are the Hero has quickly become my full-time job and I couldn't be more excited. Generally speaking it takes me one full work day to complete a single illustration, I make it a point to put time and effort in each one. Believe me when I say that these are not quick sketches that I rush out.

Thank you again so, so much for the overwhelming support. It really is a privilege to be able to do this, one that I do not take for granted in the slightest. It means a lot to me, but I know it means even more to the heroes themselves - the kids and their families.

More heroes coming soon!

- Bryan

Our first week, wow!

I am blown away by how quickly "You Are the Hero" is growing and that is largely due to your willingness to share this project with your friends and family. THANK YOU!

For those of you who are just joining us, You Are the Hero aka YATH, is an art project that aims to help uplift and inspire sick children by illustrating them as superheros of their own design.

Through YATH, children who are living with chronic, life-changing or potentially life-threatening illnesses can envision themselves as the superhero they've always wanted to be. They can invent their own superhero name, have any powers or fantastic abilities they desire, and even design their own costume. Their vision of themselves as a superhero will be realized in the form of a fun and dynamic digital illustration done by myself.

I am committed to creating these illustrated heroes for FREE! However, having been in operation for just a few days, I already have several weeks worth of submissions. I am excited to say that YATH has become my full-time job practically overnight. With that said, I've created a way for YATH supporters to help fund this project so that it can continue to grow and encourage kids around the world!

You can simply and securely make a donation at the link below (or by clicking the orange "donate" button on right side of this blog). No amount is too small! Thank you in advance for supporting this new project and as a result positively impacting many deserving kids and their families.


Thank you!!

Wow - that's all I can really say. I am completely blown away by the support for You Are the Hero! We've only been live for a couple of days and the response has been immeasurably positive.

A little over a year ago this was merely an idea in the back of my head, and up until about a month ago that's where it stayed. But then I got an itch to work on something new, something different. I decided to take a shot and try to bring this idea to fruition. Fast forward to now, and I'm overjoyed at the reactions I've been getting from people all around the web. Not to mention we've got our very first official hero with "Dino-Liam: The Cancer Crusher". Liam is an amazing little guy, who you can read more about him here on his facebook page "Love for Liam". Be sure to check out Dino-Liam in the "Newest Heroes" section or in the "Hero Gallery".

This is just the beginning, I have lofty ambitions for YATH going forward. But for now, let's draw some awesome pictures of some amazingly creative and brave kids.

- Bryan

We're live! And on Twitter!

The cat is out of the bag! It feels good to finally unveil You Are the Hero, and to celebrate I've created an official twitter page you can follow for all of the latest updates and news regarding YATH - @KidsAndCapes (https://twitter.com/KidsAndCapes). 

There's nothing there *quite* yet, but keep an eye on it! 

- Bryan

Placeholder Images

I've updated the site with a few placeholder illustrations of superheroes. These are not based on any ideas submitted to me and are only meant to give a rough idea of what the actual illustrations themselves may look like. 

- Bryan

Facebook page and updated privacy policies.

YATH has a Facebook page! You can find it right here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/You-Are-the-Hero/553614028108826

It's a little bare-bones right now, but if/when things really begin to start moving I will update the Facebook page with new additions to the gallery or any other important updates relating to 'You Are the Hero'. You will be able to find a link to it to the right of this blog along the side column as well. 

Also, I've updated the site with both a new Privacy Policy as well as a Parental Notice. Both in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). You can read more about it here: http://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/rules/rulemaking-regulatory-reform-proceedings/childrens-online-privacy-protection-rule. 

The Superhero Form will now ask that parents or guardians read the Privacy Policy as well as the Parental Notice before filling out the form itself. 

- Bryan


Welcome to 'You Are the Hero' (or YATH)! This is a non-profit art project designed to provide sick, hospitalized children with fun and exciting illustrations which depict them as their very own made-up superhero. This is all at no cost. Yep, completely free.  

Hello, my name is Bryan Dyer, I'm a freelance medical illustrator and comic book artist. "You Are the Hero" is a passion project of mine that I have long dreamed about, but never fully realized - until now. It's still in the early stages and I have lofty ambitions for it's future, but for now this simple little website will be its home. 

Thank you for taking an interest in YATH, and by extension, the happiness and well-being of children around the world. With your help, this project will evolve into something truly special. 

- Bryan